SY99 Music Synthesizer FAQ
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Yamaha SY99 Music Synthesizer

tone generation: RCM, AFM, AWM2 
filters: time variant IIR digital filters 
simultaneous notes: 16 (voice mode), 32 (multi mode) 
simultaneous timbres: 1 (voice mode), 16 (multi mode) 
keyboard: 76 notes, key velocity, channel aftertouch, zoned aftertouch, non-weighted 
DSP effects: 2 units, 63 effect types 

Built-In Sequencer

built-in sequencer: 10 Songs, 16 Tracks, 99 Patterns 
resolution: 1/96 of quarter note (internal clock), 1/24 of quarter note (external MIDI sync) 
capacity: approx. 27.000 notes 
recording modes: realtime / step by step / punch in 


ROM memory: 128 preset voices, 16 preset multis, 8.184k Waveform memory, 267 samples 
RAM memory: 64 user voices, 16 user multis
512k MDR/user sample memory 
RAM expansion: up to 3.072k sample memory (max. 512K MDR memory), waveform cards, synth data cards 


floppy drive: 3½" DD, MS-DOS® style file system 
display: LCD: 240x64 pixels, backlight, contrast
LED: 11 red, 21 green/red 
3 wheels: Pitch wheel, Modulation 1, Modulation 2 
5 audio terminals: Output 1 (2 jacks), Output 2 (2 jacks), Headphones (jack) 
MIDI terminals: IN, OUT, THRU 

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